Do You Know Your Consumers?

The best consumer experience starts with knowing your consumers and their context at every interaction. But your average consumer uses 3 devices across 7 interactions before taking an action. Without connecting the dots across devices and channels, the effectiveness of every consumer facing effort e.g. marketing effectiveness, advertising spend management, customer journey analytics, customer360 etc. remains average at best.

LayerFive is helping businesses maximize understanding of their consumers by boosting cross-device and cross-channel identity matching using deterministic and probabilistic matching techniques, and building a private identity graph.

The Layerfive advantage

Cross-Device Identity Matching

We use machine learning based deterministic and probabilistic algorithms on your first party data to maximize cross-device identity matches. Our algorithms use unique signals to be effective on your first party data rather than relying on vast quantities of third party data collection to predict matches.

Identity Resolution Support

Our product integrates with third party identity resolution vendors to maximize match rate and support activation across channels. Our solution builds a comprehensive identity resolution and cross-channel identity match support to allow businesses to maximize their investments on consumer experience initiatives.

Business Owned Identity Graph

We build out a private cross-device identity graph with a business owned universal ID. We don't share or mix your data with any other customer's data. With public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise options; we have a solution that fits with your data privacy needs.